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About Therapy?

What is Therapy?

Therapy is the process through which you aim to resolve behaviours, beliefs and feelings that are overwhelming and unhelpful to your wellbeing.


It is a collaborative treatment, based on the relationship between patient and therapist. The therapist provides a supportive, non-judgmental and safe environment, which allows you to talk and work through your problems openly.  It requires a willingness to challenge old beliefs, and take an honest inventory of self. This process can be painful, triggering deep emotions. Often you may feel worse before you feel better.


You may engage in therapy for a specific problem (Phobia, Addiction, O.C.D,) or you may seek to improve the overall quality of your life through developing more constructive and healthier habits and behavioral responses. In therapy you will learn new skills and more constructive ways to handle whatever challenges may arise in the future.

The Process

I take a holistic approach, working from an integrative perspective. I use psychodynamic, existential and/or CBT techniques, according to the patients needs.

At the onset of therapy we will decide upon the specific changes you would like to make to your life. Making any change requires not only courage, but also motivation and stamina.

Because this process can be emotionally challenging, I recommend that at the start of therapy you are able to commit to 6 weekly sessions, so you get the support you need.

After this initial period we will have a review of our goals and objectives and decide on the way forward.

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